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ART, Surrogacy Bill strive to provide better medical care: Mandaviya
Obesity can lead to 13 different types of cancer: Experts
Cancer projections for 2021-25 show a worrisome figure: Experts
Detection of Murray Valley encephalitis virus on the rise in Aussie state (LD)
Murray Valley encephalitis virus widely detected in Aussie state
Flu cases in Japan hit epidemic warning level
Indians need to shun fear, come forward for early cancer screening: Doctors
World Cancer Day: WHO calls for intensified action to prevent, detect cancers early
Kerala transgender couple gears up for parenthood after trans man gets pregnant
Gujarat girl gets a 'new hand' after 13-hour surgery in Mumbai hospital
Smartphone app may help spot stroke symptoms as they occur
Genes behind coronary artery disease identified for 1st time
Researchers develop device to detect brain tumour through urine
Germany drops face mask mandate on long-distance transport
Ahead of Valentine's Day, matters of heart to be discussed in Taj city
Kerala doctor suspended after sting operation reveals he took bribe for issuing health card
Govt report reveals Australian health system in crisis
Potentially harmful chemicals found in blood of Tokyo citizens: Civic group
Emerging markets to benefit due to China's Covid relaxations
German breweries still lagging behind pre-pandemic sales
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