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Dhileepan Pugazhendhi is the protagonist of YEVAN exclusive interview.

Contributed by : Asjad Ahmed
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It is normal for star successors to debut in the Tamil film industry. Dhileepan Pugazhendhi, the grandson of the great scholar Pulavar Pugazhendhi who has become the king of the Tamil film world and has given many songs that are still in the hearts of people.

Dhileepan Pugazhendhi has made his debut as a hero in the Tamil film industry. We met Dileepan, who is visiting to further expand the reputation of his grandfather Pugazhendhi . to create a record in the film industry.. We met Dileepan when he was working on the final stage of the release of the movie 'YEVAN' in which he is playing the hero of the story.


Please share the path you have been through..?

In 2009, I was a two-wheeler racer. During that period I participated in the national level two wheeler race and won. At that time I got recognition and recognition as the youngest two wheeler racer of Tamil Nadu. Riding a two-wheeler and having an adventure in it was a favorite activity. Due to this, I also created a Guinness record in this adventure. I also set a Guinness World Record for continuously driving a vehicle for 13 kilometers on one wheel known as Wheeling. After this, I stopped my involvement in two-wheeler racing and started focusing on the film industry. In 2011, I joined Master Jayarao, who trained actors, for acting training. After receiving acting training from him, I was signed to play the lead role in the 2012 film 'Pallikoodam Pokamale' directed by director Jayaseelan. The movie was released in 2016.

About the continuation of your screen journey?

After that I agreed to act in the film called YEVAN FILM. The film is going to release on April 7. Following this, I am acting as the main character in a film named 'SAAGHAVARAM FILM' and directing it. The film is being prepared in the psycho thriller genre. Following this, it is being prepared in four languages namely Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi under the name 'ANTONY FILM'. I am playing a police officer in this.

You can play the hero as your bike racer. But you directing the movie...!

I moved to London in 2014 to fulfill my grandfather's dream and studied filmmaking at the Film Academy there. After this, in 2015, I started writing the story of the movie 'Sagavaram'. The movie 'Sagavaram' has been working hard for more than five years. This film will also hit the screens soon.

About grandfather Pulavar Pugazhendhi?

I have been with my grandfather since I was a little boy. Grandparents are everything to me. It is their dream that I have risen to the top in the film industry today as a hero... as a director... It was my dream to become a bike racer. But it was my grandparents' dream to become a successful artist in the film industry. Only after realizing this, I focused on the film industry and qualified myself.

Can you share your memories of your grandfather Bulamaipithan, who was admired by the late revolutionary leader...?

I grew up listening to the stories of the late revolutionary leader MGR and the LTTE leader Methaku Prabhakaran at a young age. The scriptures I heard were their histories. Even today I am an ardent fan of the revolutionary leader. I am proud to say this.
"naan yaar?nee yaar?" song featured in the film 'Kudiyirundha Koyil'. Grandpa had written the song. Hearing this song, the revolutionary leader was amazed when he met the lyricist grandfather in person. How did you manage to deliver such a song at such a young age? He was surprised and praised. "I thought this song was written by an old man with experience in life," he said. To the director K. Shankar, who directed the film, the revolutionary leader kept praising him for introducing my grandfather.

Grandfather would go on talking about the event that first introduced Medhagu Prabhakaran to the revolutionary leader.. The revolutionary leader MGR would also mention that Prabhakaran had received a lot of financial assistance through his grandfather.

Although my grandmother used to worry about me when I was a bike racer, my grandfather always cheered me on. He would encourage you to do whatever you want to do with all your heart. After that, at some point, my grandparents' dream was that I should shine as a hero in the film industry. Realizing this, I began to focus on it.

Basically, I am a fan of lyricist Bulamaiphithan's song. But in reality being his grandson is an indescribable joy with an additional responsibility.

My grandfather always told me one thing. In life, everyone has two chances, success or failure. But you only have one chance. You definitely have to win and settle, there is no other chance.' His words like this always keep us motivated. If I had come from a normal family. There would have been no pressure of expectation on me. But if I am the grandson of a famous lyricist and especially the grandson of a poet Pulavar Pugazhendhi who has received the trust and blessing of a revolutionary leader, the expectations on me are naturally high. I travel carefully in the film industry because I realize that responsibility.

About the changes in the film industry...?

As far as the film industry is concerned, new technologies are being introduced every day. As a result, the film industry is growing day by day. This is a healthy improvement. But our culture is archaic. It is traditional. Cannot be allowed to change it. There is cultural depravity and depravity in the current works. Especially Living Together is a relationship that lasts without getting married.

Cinema is the most powerful weapon. With this, whatever the creator says, the lay fans to the educated fans will believe. So I expect only good things to say. I put this as a request

Basically I am a teetotaler. I have never touched alcohol or smoke in my life. This good habit came to me from my grandfather. I may do more than ten or hundred films in future and identify as a great actor. But my success is.. At least ten fans have given up smoking and drinking after watching my movies. I feel like I have won when they say that.

At this moment leading star actors not only in Tamil but in India, completely avoid acting in scenes of smoking or drinking alcohol when you appear on screen. I am putting this forward as a request. Because for every fan in Tamil film industry.. the actors he likes are the ones who can make a big impact.

Apart from that, no matter how many films I act in.. I have a policy that I do not act in smoking scenes or drinking scenes. Such scenes will not be included in the film I am directing.

Pan-Indian productions are being produced on huge budgets. What is your view on this...?

As times change the trend also changes. Nothing is wrong as long as bad things are not forced into people's minds through works and all change is healthy. Ten years ago when urban cinema was dominant. A film called 'Baruthiveeran' came and was well received by the masses and changed the direction of the Tamil film industry towards rural style stories. Similarly, after Raghava Lawrence's movie 'Muni', comedy-filled ghost stories dominated the Tamil film industry. It was only after the success of Muni that fans began to celebrate a ghost film after ten to fifteen years. Since then, there has been an influx of comedy horror films till now. So what people celebrate and do to win. That is the trend. This will keep changing. Making pan-Indian productions with huge budgets is the trend these days.


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Dhileepan Pugazhendhi is the protagonist of YEVAN exclusive interview.
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