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Historical Event on 1/17/1933

Aga Khan, religious leader (Muslims), was born.

Other Historical Dates and Events
4/14/1979Sanjiva Reddy,President, flagged off the first electric train in Madras.
3/16/1912Gandhiji commends Gokhale's attempts for abolition of indenture system.
10/26/1928R.S.Das, a law member of the Viceroy's council, died in Calcutta.
6/4/1959Chakravarti Rajagopalachari opposed the Socialist Policies of Indian National Congress and founded Swatantra Party alongwith Ranga.
10/24/1904Lalchand Hirachand, famous industialist, was born.
11/6/1950King Tribhuvana of Nepal flees to India.
12/22/1998The National Award for the Best Technological Invention is conferred on Prof. J. R. Isaac, a computer scientist.
4/15/1926Gurvel Singh Pannu, famous Hindi writer, was born in Lauhka, Punjab.
2/12/1985Fire aboard M.V. Chidambaram, an Indian liner sailing from Singapore to Madras, killed 34 people.
10/24/1995A total eclipse of the sun witnessed from India to Vietnam.