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Historical Event on 8/7/1887

Kasturi Shriniwas Iyengar, politician and journalist, was born.

Other Historical Dates and Events
3/29/1996SC asks All India Indira Congress to modify its name as All Indira Congress (Tiwari).
1/24/1976Burmah Shell, a private oil company, was nationalised and renamed as Bharat Refineries.
1/8/1973Nanasaheb Parulekar, father of 'Sakal' newspaper, died.
11/15/1920Assembly meeting of the League of Nations.
11/14/1997Nisha Millet sets national mark in the 100m freestyle in the national aquatics.
1/7/1858The hearing of the case began that was filed against the last Mughal Emperor Bahadhur Shah II for taking part in the first armed revolution against the British.
6/4/1953University of Cambridge confers honorary Doctorate of Laws on J. L. Nehru.
1/7/1994Malhotra Committee recommends privatisation and foreign participation of LIC and GIC.
8/5/1991Leila Seth was sworn the Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh High Court. She is a judge of Delhi High Court.
4/6/1966Mihir Sen, first Indian swimmer to achieve many remarkable feats, swam across the 'Palk Strait' measuring 22 kms between India & Sri Lanka (Cylone).