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Historical Event on 1/17/1989

Colonel J. K. Bajaj was the first Indian to reach the geographic South Pole.

Other Historical Dates and Events
11/18/1988Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev arrives in Delhi on a three-day visit.
4/16/1963Gopal Singh Nepali, famous poet, passed away.
3/5/1931Mahatma Gandhi & British viceroy Lord Irwin sign a pact referred in Indian History as ""Gandhi-Irwin Pact"", after which the civic disobedience movement was taken back.
11/1/1948An Indian brigade group supported by the 7th Cavalry (Stuart tanks) broke through the Great Himalayan Range at Zojila to drive out the invaders from Ladakh district. At approximately 3,500 metres, this was the highest point in the history of warfare that tanks had operated.
2/19/200018 people die following a fire on the Ferozepur-bound 2137-down Punjab Mail between Dushkeda and Savada stations near Bhusaval, about 433 km from Mumbai.
5/15/1999Militants gun down Abdul Ahad Kar, a senior member of the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly belonging to the ruling National Conference, in Kupwara district.
4/1/1963Delhi Special Police Establishment acquired its popular current name Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) through a Home Ministry resolution passed.
3/1/1818Singhgad won by the Britishers after the end of Peshwa kingdom.
1/12/1924Gandhiji was operated on for appendicitis in Sassoon Hospital, Pune.
2/16/1923Vishnu Moreshwar Mahajani, famous author, poet and playwright, passed away.