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Historical Event on 1/17/1952

The pension work of CDA (Factories), Calcutta and the Defence civilians in ordnance factories was transferred to the office of the CDA (P), Allahabad.

Other Historical Dates and Events
6/25/1922Satyendranath Datta, famous Bengali poet, passed away.
8/1/1998The DMK condemns the BJP-led coalition Government's decision to set up a Multi-Disciplinary Monitoring Agency and rejects the Action Taken Report on the final report of the Jain Commission with reference to Mr. M. Karunanidhi.
7/11/1630Rezabeebeth Sookeas Begum passed away.
1/29/1997Supreme Court rules that water is a 'mineral'.
4/15/1946Triumphant over flesh and pain they passed away our day of peace to Cain. The original memorial was erected from local stone and the main epitaph displayed above is of black Naga stone.
1/31/1963Peacock declared as National Bird of India.
12/5/199156 JD MLA's belonging to V.P. Singh faction elect a new leader in UP.
1/25/1995India and South Africa sign three pacts to forge special ties.
7/20/1911Mohammed Baqa Jilani Khan, Indian cricket fast bowler (Test 1936), was born in Jullandur.
8/10/1995Harishankar Parsai, famous Hindi litterateur, passed away.