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Historical Event on 1/17/1833

William Rush, Indian sculptor (Spirit of the Schuylkill), passed away.

Other Historical Dates and Events
8/10/1930In the 'Gandhi Cap Case' in Guntur, the magistrate prohibits wearing of Gandhi caps within a five-mile radius of the town.
1/10/1959Martin Luther King, the US Black leader, arrived in New Delhi.
2/28/1994Budget with Tax Concessions of Rs.40.81 billion and a deposit of Rs.90.60 billion presented by Dr. Manmohan Singh in Parliament.
10/24/1789Jean C Baud, Governor General of Dutch-Indies (1834-6), was born
12/20/1999The Government rejects underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's conditional offer to surrender.
3/10/1954The history of 104 HU, the most prestigious and the oldest Helicopter Unit of the IAF, is studded with more than four decades of glorious past and yeomen service rendered to the country. One-O-Four was raised as Helicopter Flight at Palam on 10th March 1954.
9/2/1993Vice Admiral V.S. Shekhawat appointed new naval chief.
2/27/1803Great fire in Bombay.
7/11/2000Amrita Pritam, noted litterateur, honoured with the highest award for Punjabi literature for the century:""Shatabdi Samman"".
9/25/195414 Members of Parliament (MP) form a new party called the Union of Socialist Progress. Acharya Kripalani is the leader.