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Holi - The Festival of Colors 2019
Start Date : 4/6/2019
End Date :4/6/2019
Venue: Grand Pavilion Riverwalk
Address: 500 W Jackson Ave Illinois, Naperville IL: (Map)
Host : Simply Vedic
Details: Holi - The Festival of Colors 2019

Holi - The Festival of Colors 2019

Getting to throw handfuls of brightly colored powder at friends and foes seems too good to be true. Yes it's true! Simply Vedic Cultural Society invites all members of the public, from people with understanding of festival to ne'er-do-wells who simply get a kick out of chucking dyed flour at strangers to celebrate the festival of color.

The Festival of colors announces the passing of winter and arrival of spring. It welcomes the spring and celebrates the new energy of the season, festival that breathes joyful atmosphere of social merriment. People bury their hatchets with a warm embrace and throw their worries to the wind. Festival promotes friendship while offering an occasion to forgive and forget.

Throwing of colors with Rock/traditional music, Ethnic food, and shopping adds to this unique experience. We will supply bags of safe, non stain dry colors for a small donation of $ 2 each. For safety and health reasons, colors from outside are strictly prohibited.
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Become a Digital Analyst From 6/1/2018
Start Date : 6/1/2018
End Date : 12/30/2019
Venue : Online
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