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Play date/Meetups...[View Complete Thread] Mayuri K. Friends 1/17/2019
Recently moved to Yorktown Apartment Chicago...[View Complete Thread] payal g. Friends 12/12/2018
Friends in Schaumburg and nearby areas...[View Complete Thread] San G. Friends 12/4/2018
Looking to make female friends in the Schaumburg area. ...[View Complete Thread] Judy H. Friends 1/24/2018
Recently moved to chicago suberbs...looking for a great indian community and friends...[View Complete Thread] sonali m. Friends 11/17/2017
Social Club...[View Complete Thread] Meenakshi K. Friends 11/14/2017
Friends in Naperville area...[View Complete Thread] Zinal T. Friends 10/30/2017
Finding Female Friends...[View Complete Thread] Geetha D. Friends 10/23/2017
Play-date/meetups...[View Complete Thread] Aishwarya G. Friends 10/2/2017
New to Remington place, schaumburg...[View Complete Thread] Ashu A. Friends 8/13/2017
Looking for friends in and around Wheeling...[View Complete Thread] catchchandrareddy @. Friends 6/22/2017
New to Versailles on the Lakes...[View Complete Thread] Lakshmi Sneha P. Friends 2/22/2017
Looking For FEMALE friends in Schaumburg...[View Complete Thread] Kiranmayi A. Friends 2/20/2017
Looking for female friends in Schaumburg ...[View Complete Thread] Koushika P. Friends 2/6/2017
Looking for Friends...[View Complete Thread] Pushpak P. Friends 2/6/2017
Need female friends ...[View Complete Thread] Flowers W. Friends 2/1/2017
New to Chicago, looking forward for friends to hangout...[View Complete Thread] Mukesh S. Friends 12/26/2016
Im Arlington heights IL...[View Complete Thread] Nagnath  P. Friends 10/14/2016
New To Chicago ...[View Complete Thread] Ashu Gupta G. Friends 10/14/2016
Travel to yellowstone national park...[View Complete Thread] sql s. Friends 10/12/2016
New to Bourbon Square Apartments,trying to find new freinds...[View Complete Thread] roopa C. Friends 10/10/2016
Looking for friends to hang out....[View Complete Thread] Syed A. Friends 9/28/2016
New in Chicago from Assam. Looking for friends to spend time with...[View Complete Thread] Achyut H. Friends 9/9/2016
want to make friends in Des Plaines...[View Complete Thread] Shefali S. Friends 8/30/2016
Looking to associate with Indian families in Palos Park, Orland Park, Tinley Park area...[View Complete Thread] Vicks S. Friends 8/15/2016
Looking for Friends ...[View Complete Thread] Rohit G. Friends 7/7/2016
Looking for Female friends in Chicago by archu1126...[View Complete Thread] Archana G. Friends 7/4/2016
Need friends for my 2 years old son...[View Complete Thread] ketan m. Friends 7/2/2016
Looking for female friends in chicago...[View Complete Thread] sowmya k. Friends 6/28/2016
Indian Community/ Friends in West Chicago /Norridge/Harlem...[View Complete Thread] sumathi j. Friends 5/24/2016
Looking for frinedship...[View Complete Thread] Kitt K. Friends 4/24/2016
hi im new to naperville n aurora...[View Complete Thread] Arun D. Friends 3/14/2016
Looking for North Indian Friends...[View Complete Thread] Ashu Gupta G. Friends 3/11/2016
Looking for New Friends ...[View Complete Thread] Jitendra R. Friends 1/4/2016
Looking for Indian friends staying at MC Dowell apartments, Naperville...[View Complete Thread] Jinendra M. Friends 1/2/2016
New Friends Network...[View Complete Thread] Jitendra R. Friends 12/4/2015
New to Naperville and looking to make some indian friends...[View Complete Thread] Manisha U. Friends 11/4/2015
Make friends...[View Complete Thread] Sadhik J. Friends 10/27/2015
Make new friends...[View Complete Thread] Sita N. Friends 10/19/2015
Want to make friends in prospect heights, chicago...[View Complete Thread] Radhika K. Friends 10/6/2015
Need Friend to hang out...[View Complete Thread] Ashu Gupta G. Friends 7/24/2015
COuple/ SIngle Friends...[View Complete Thread] Shweta V. Friends 7/1/2015
Looking for new Friends...[View Complete Thread] santhosh k. Friends 6/14/2015
recently moved to chicago...[View Complete Thread] vanaja s. Friends 6/11/2015
wanted to make new friends...[View Complete Thread] Soumya D. Friends 5/6/2015
New people around Schaumburg...[View Complete Thread] Shanku B. Friends 4/27/2015
Looking for new friends near Harwood Heights/ Niles...[View Complete Thread] Parag V. Friends 4/26/2015
Looking to make friends...[View Complete Thread] Raghav K. Friends 4/22/2015
Do we have any one in hoffman estates???...[View Complete Thread] sushma t. Friends 4/4/2015
In search of new friends...[View Complete Thread] Yogesh J. Friends 2/27/2015
Looking for new friends to hangout with..!!...[View Complete Thread] Nitin S. Friends 2/23/2015
Looking for new friens...[View Complete Thread] Sana M. Friends 2/20/2015
looking for a new friends...[View Complete Thread] Sana M. Friends 2/20/2015
Looking friends in Chicago ...[View Complete Thread] Padmana P. Friends 2/20/2015
new friends!!...[View Complete Thread] payal s. Friends 2/20/2015
Looking for new friends...[View Complete Thread] Manali V. Friends 1/26/2015
looking for new friends...[View Complete Thread] Ashwini K. Friends 12/25/2014
Want to make new friends...[View Complete Thread] Shravani k. Friends 12/15/2014
New to chicago looking for friends for quality fun and relaxing time - Lets catch up for a bonaza...[View Complete Thread] Fair M. Friends 12/11/2014
femail friends at Precidential Tower Chicago, Il...[View Complete Thread] Kamal D. Friends 12/11/2014
looking for new friends...[View Complete Thread] Kamal D. Friends 12/10/2014
Looking for new friend...[View Complete Thread] Raj J. Friends 12/1/2014
Kid friendly hotels in Las vegas...[View Complete Thread] Anil K. Friends 11/30/2014
Looking for new friends for hangout...[View Complete Thread] Nitin S. Friends 11/25/2014
Im looking for new friends...[View Complete Thread] Shwathy S. Friends 11/24/2014
Want to make New Friends ...[View Complete Thread] Raji T. Friends 10/28/2014
Hiking in and around chicagoland...[View Complete Thread] Ganesh N. Friends 10/13/2014
Looking for friends who like dudhi ...[View Complete Thread] Raj R. Friends 8/5/2014
New friends...[View Complete Thread] Manisha S. Friends 6/29/2014
new frds...[View Complete Thread] ami D. Friends 5/24/2014
Lets make some friends and hangout...[View Complete Thread] Aish C. Friends 5/11/2014
Looking for new friends...[View Complete Thread] Tulsi M. Friends 3/30/2014
Looking for best female friend age 50 to 60 years old gujarathi only......[View Complete Thread] Dhiraj S. Friends 3/2/2014
New to northchicago, need friends to hangoutt...[View Complete Thread] Sru T. Friends 11/12/2013
Looking for new friends!...[View Complete Thread] Sarah R. Friends 10/21/2013
Looking for new friends/toddler meet up...[View Complete Thread] Menaga R. Friends 10/15/2013
Want to make new friends in Chicago...[View Complete Thread] Priyanka K. Friends 7/20/2013
New Friends........[View Complete Thread] Indira H. Friends 5/20/2013
Looking for a friend in chicago uptowna...[View Complete Thread] Preety j. Friends 10/2/2012
Looking for friends around,Evanston ILa...[View Complete Thread] varsha s. Friends 3/26/2012
Looking for friends around RT59...[View Complete Thread] neeru k. Friends 2/21/2012
Looking for friends @ Lakeview, IL area...[View Complete Thread] Parag P. Friends 1/19/2012
Looking for friends in Naperville areaa...[View Complete Thread] Sunil T. Friends 12/12/2011
Looking for indian couple friends...[View Complete Thread] Lakhvir B. Friends 3/7/2011
old friend sear...[View Complete Thread] krishna r. Friends 12/3/2010
Chicago - looking for friends...[View Complete Thread] Ambrish A. Friends 6/3/2007
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